How Powerful is the US Presidents Bulletproof Limo?

An average person can travel in a normal vehicle. However, for important personnel, their travelling vehicle needs to be secured and highly protected, just like their travel man. In fact, in a country like the US that is highly car-oriented, the security of top officials likes the President is very important. The death threat that often looms large over the US President can be best handled with the help of bulletproof vehicle. Even though, the US President might be having a team of security agents in front and back of their car; still an armored car is best suited for proving all-rounded protection to the occupant like the President.

The US Presidents Rides in One of the Top Automobiles That Is Regarded As a Beast

 Studies have shown that it doesn’t matter a bit if the President of a country loves cars or not, but usually the President travels in limousines that are fully armored. Some of the best features about the President’s limousine are mentioned below.

Unlike the standard car, Presidential limousine is highly armored. Right from the chassis to diesel engine and even the transmission is armored. The high level of armoring ensures that the limousine remains protected from all kinds of assaults.

bulletproof limo

Car’s Body: The car’s body is made up of steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramic. All these materials are hardened so that it can withstand various kinds of assaults. For example, it can withstand bullet attacks, grenade attacks, and so on. On the other hand, a steel plate is placed underneath the bulletproof vehicle so that the car remains protected from bombs and grenades.

Cabin: The cabin or the compartment of the limousine is completely bulletproof. It comes with a glass partition that can be operated by the President. Moreover, the cabin is properly sealed so that it can protect the occupants from bio-chemical attack.

Windows: The windows of a President’s bulletproof limo are made up of bulletproof glass. The glass that is used is 5-6 inches thick so that it can withstand armor piercing bullets. Also, a ballistic sheet is used in the windows.

Tires: Usually, for the bulletproof vehicle limousine, Kevlar tires are used. The tires are puncture resistant. However, in case the tire blows out from the tires, the steel rims present in the tire can help to keep the car moving at a high speed.

bulletproof vehicle

Tear Gas Cannons: Unlike other armored cars, Presidents bulletproof limousine comes with a tear gas cannons. It is usually hidden in the front of the car so that it can fire at intruders.

Tanks: The fuel tank that is present within the limo is foam sealed. It ensures that the gas tank won’t explode even if it gets hit directly. Even if the vehicle is attacked by attackers, it won’t explode.

Doors: The doors of bulletproof vehicle limo are properly armored. Armoring plate of high thickness is used so that it can provide seamless protection to the President. Basically, care is taken so that the steel plating overlaps the seam and provides protection against bullets.

These security features of the US President’s bulletproof limo make it a perfect bulletproof vehicle. Hence, makes it a highly secured vehicle for their transportation.