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Christmas for a Buccaneer

Almost six years ago, during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, I took this picture of a pirate ship:

Pirate ship

Sadly, that ship sank in a very suspicious incident earlier this year, though it seems as if it’s been restored, as per an update on that same article.

Funny enough, a lot of people have asked me if they can use it and I even changed the All Rights Reserved License to a Creative Commons License.

Well, today I got a message from Chris Alexander saying he had used it for a Christmas video, it involves pirates dancing an singing christmas songs.

Take a look at the video, it’s fun. My picture is the first thing that comes up.

In Cabo with no clothes

We went to Cabo San Lucas for a week. We flew Continental to Houston from Toronto. I just want to warn my fellow travelers that fly out from Pearson Airport to beware that if their flight is supposed to leave before 6:30 AM do not take a tight connection.
Apparently flights are not allowed to leave Pearson before 6:30, even if they’re scheduled for 6:00 or 6:05. The neighbours around the airport have complained about the noise of the planes taking off, and that is why 6:30 is the earliest planes will take off. Which is all good, except airlines should just schedule starting at 6:30, this will prevent people from having REALLY TIGHT connections and having to run from one gate to the other to catch their Houston-Cabo flight. We could have been scheduled for the later flight, if we had known that planes never make it on time due to the time restriction (apparently it’s the same in Washington DC, again, hopefully airlines do not schedule flights for earlier hours when planes can’t take off).
In short, we made it to Cabo, but our suitcases didn’t! Yes, we were in Cabo with no clothes. James’s suitcase made it in the afternoon but mine didn’t get there until late at night. I just want to commend the ground personnel of Continental in the San Jose del Cabo airport. They were amazing, I mean they didn’t do anything that was not the standard (report the missing luggage, take our name, etc.) but it’s just the manner that makes a difference. They were super nice and courteous and in this day and age of bad service by earlines and airport employees, the good manners and pleasant service makes a BIG difference.

James at the beach

James at the beach

Originally uploaded by Maria in Toronto

No, he does not wear a Speedo!

El Medano beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. February 2008.

Note to self

When going to the washroom, make sure you don’t have your beloved digital camera in the pocket. It may “accidentally” fall in the toilet.
This is what happened on (luckily) my last day in Cabo San Lucas. The Memory Stick was savaged, but the camera is caput. Now I have to get another one.
Photos coming soon.